Our daughter’s school went to Carowinds yesterday and me and my husband went as Chaperones…We waited in line for an hour to ride Nighthawk just to have our daughter assaulted and discrimated against. There was 2 African American boys that was obviously shorter than our daughter in line in front of us that got on and rode the ride with no issues. But when it came our turn, the African American employee pulled our daughter aside and put a speed square(a construction tool) on her head pushing her head down until she scrunched her head down in pain saying, “ow”. Then the employee told us that our daughter is too short to be riding ANY of their rides. she then hid her name tag so we couldn’t see it after asking her name. Upset with the incident we go to Guest Services and tell them what happened and they made us wait another hour claiming they can’t find the employee and asked for a description of her. We told them we would take them to her and point her out and they refused to do that and judged my husband by his tattoos almost saying that his appearance was like a white supremacist, which is the whole reason the discrimination issue came up. We asked for our refund because our day was ruined by their racial profiling and again they refused. then a security guard followed us to take our daughter to the restroom and told us that we wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about our experience or to talk to anyone. told us that our freedom of speech was not valid on their property owned by Carowinds. The head manager refused to talk to us. But we feel the tool used to measure our daughter is a tool for a construction site not for measuring children and definitely not for pushing down on children’s heads to get the results the employee wants. We feel they should take responsibility for the action of their employees and give us our money back..because we did not pay $150 to have our daughter discriminated against and assaulted. Our 10 yr old daughter never wants to go there again because of how she was treated…this was definitely not a family friendly experience.

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