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I had ordered new carpet for my family room. I chose, ordered, and set an instalation date. Up until then, everything was great. I chose a local business because I wanted a quality job from somebody I could count to stand behind their work. | 12/7/15 -Then on the day of instalation Jesus and Jose came to my house with my carpet. I had spent the morning clearing out the small items in the room for them, so I was familiar with how the condition of the room prior to their arrival. Once they got there, I went over the room with them and then went to work in my bedroom to stay out of their way. | An hour into the process, I stepped out to check and see how things were going. That’s when I saw that my TV cabinet had been damaged. It had cracks 1-2 feet long on each corner. That had not been there when I had been working there earlier in the morning. I pointed this out and Jose and Jesus said it had been there before they started. I disagreed. Then they said that if it was new, it wasn’t there fault. I suggested they could have damaged it while pulling out the carpet and they assured me they had been careful. I asked how it happened then if it wasn’t me and wasn’t them. They had no answer. | At that point, there wasn’t anything else that could be done at the time so they finished installing the new carpet. When they were done, I signed paperwork to confirm they had installed the carpet noting the damage to the cabinet. They took pictures of the damage and said they would report to their manager who would contact me. After they left, I went to the Carpet King website and submitted a message explaining the situation and how I’d like someone to contact me about rectifying it. | 12/8/15 – No response | 12/9/15 – No response | 12/10/15 – Still no response. I call the customer number on the website during business hours. I get the voicemail and leave a message explaining the situation and ask for someone to contact me as soon as possible. I get no call back. | 12/11/15 – I call again and reach a sales representative. I ask for someone to provide customer service. She gives me the number of Giulliano. I call and leave a message and Giulliano calls me back in 15 minutes. I explain the damage and the cause. He says he’ll need to talk to his guys and then get back to me. Giulliano calls me back a half hour later and says his guys are pretty good guys and that they say they didn’t cause any damage. I ask how it could have happened then if it wasn’t them and how come this was never reported to their boss. Giulliano offers to cover the costs of the repairs and asks me to send him what I determine is a fair price. | I had just had a contractor doing work in that room just prior to the carpet installation. They charged $45 an hour. The repair job is about a 6 hour job for layers of patching compound, sanding, painting, and clean up. I don’t factor in my time or the cost of supplies. That day I email a cost estimate of $270 to Giulliano with my reasoning. | 12/14/15 – I recieve an email from Giulliano that he has shared my email with the installation manager Scott and would get back to me soon. | 12/15/15 – Giulliano emails me the following: | “I am truly sorry for your inconvenience. | The installers are adamant that they did not do such damage. | Would you be able to please consider a reasonable split of said $270 charge?” | I respond back my extreme displeasure with this and again lay out what I have had to go through to even recieve a basic customer service response, including: | “If you’re asking me to prove that this damage wasn’t there before or think I’m asking too much for compensation, all I can say is I have much better things to do with my time than try to create more headaches and work for myself that this has caused. | Since my estimate isn’t fair, what do you think is fair? What do you think it’s worth for me to go through all this? How much do you value my time and my business as a customer?” | To which Giulianno responded: | “Since your recollection of events is contrary to the installer’s recollection of events, I think it’s fair to split the charges for the repairs.” | Based on what I’ve seen now on different review sites and the company’s own Facebook page, I’m lucky they offered to pay anything at all. Perhaps I should just take what they are offering and run? | Personally, I know I entered into this contract for goods and services in good faith and that faith has been violated. Ultimately what I’m asking for to cover the basic costs of repairs is less than 8% what I have paid the company. The fact that I’ve had to fight, argue, and have my integrity questioned for this is beyond ridiculous. If you have money to spend on carpet, spend it elseware. I’m sure there is a windowless van selling carpet out of some back alley that would offer you comparable customer service and quality assurance as Carpet King.

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