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On 9/7/04 I purchased almost $6,000.00 worth of new flooring to be installed in my home. At the time Carpet Wagon was offering a FREE 6×9 area rug for all orders over $1,500.00, which I qualified for easily. nOn 9/13/04 the installers arrived over three hours late. They were scheduled to arrive at my home between the hours of 9 am and 11 am. They arrived at approximately 2:30pm. I wasted hours of what would become many wasted days waiting for scheduled installers that never arrive. On 9/13/04, all they had time to do was move my furniture out to the garage and remove the old tile. They returned the next day, 9/14/04, to complete the job. However because they ran out of supplies and did not have ANY wallboard they advised that Ken Bradshaw would have to order the additional supplies in order for them to finish the floor. nAfter many phone calls to Ken Bradshaw, (salesman), and the scheduling desk (800) 843-9246, ext. 228, as to why it was taking so long for the installers to return, they finally arrived on 10/5/04 to finish the job. Of course they were six hours late from their scheduled time of arrival which had been 8 am. They unloaded their equipment and materials that day and were on their way advising me that they would return on 10/6/04 to finish the work. nIt should be noted that during the two weeks that I waited for Carpet Wagon to finish my floor, my furniture remained in the garage while my refrigerator and stove remained in the middle of my kitchen. You may ask why I never moved the furniture back? Well, that was because Ken Bradshaw kept assuring me that he would place the order for the materials and that the installers would be here the next day. At times I would phone the scheduling desk and speak to Michelle, Juan, and many others who would advise me that Ken Bradshaw had NOT submitted any work orders on my behalf. nOn 10/6/04 the installers were unable to complete the work on my floors because they had brought wall boards that did not match the Brazilian Cherry laminate that had been installed! Once again they advised me that I would have to phone Ken Bradshaw and have him order the correct wallboards. I did this. After which I phoned Ken Bradshaw almost on a daily basis. A week later Ken Bradshaw advised me that there was no wall board made in Brazilian Cherry!!! Did he not know this? Didn’t the installers not know this? nI then advised Ken Bradshaw to simply install white wall boards, thinking that this would be the easiest and quickest way to get the wall boards installed. I was wrong again. Ken Bradshaw advised me almost a week later that he had located wall boards that almost matched the Brazilian Cherry. I told him to order them. A few days later after many phone calls to Ken Bradshaw he advised me that he was still attempting to locate white wall boards! It was at this point that I decided that I had had enough! nToday is October 21, 2004 and the job is not finished. Nor does Carpet Wagon have any estimate of when this will be accomplished. My home is still in complete disarray, and some of my furniture still resides in the garage as I was unable to move all of it back into my home. nI don’t know what else to do or what other action I can take in an effort to have Ken Bradshaw and Carpet Wagon complete the job that began on 9/7/04. nAlso, although the following are of little consequence, as asides it should be noted that the installers used my tools to do their job. Some of them, (most of them) spoke no Eglish and this made it very difficult to communicate with them. They also took some duct tape from my garage which they also used in their work. They never covered my furniture while they sawed in my garage and as a result my furniture suffered. nCan anyone help me?nThank you nHenrynOntario, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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