Carrabba’s Italian Grill Complaint


Absolutely appalled at what just happened to my husband and I at the Carrabba”s on Geyser Dr in Colorado Springs. We eat at this location A LOT, and recently, they hired a woman (Kelly) that both my husband and I worked with in the past. We have always had problems with her and she has always caused problems for us. We always ask to not be seated in her section simply because we don”t trust Kelly at all. Tonight while we were eating, Kelly stood about 20 feet away from us with two other females, pointed at us and all three were laughing, staring at us. We asked for a manager, (not to have anything taken off of our bill or to get Kelly fired), but to simply point out that Kelly was being blatantly rude and making us feel uncomfortable, and what we got was a joke. Lauren the “owner” came to our table and when we brought the issue up, she literally said, “Everyone in here knows you two and I eat at the restaurant you both used to work at, and everyone talks badly about you. You bring the drama into the restaurant when you come here.” We were shocked. So my husband asked “So you”re okay with having a staff member who continuously causes problems and drama for your customers making them feel insulted and extremely uncomfortable?” to which she replied “Yes”. Long story short, we were openly insulted, ridiculed, and made to feel very uncomfortable. The “owner” Lauren, literally blamed us for her staff member (Kelly) being openly rude and honestly mean to us and also told us that she hangs out with people who talk badly about us and that its our fault Kelly is consistently rude. She said she wont be doing anything to solve the situation, and if we weren”t okay with it, that was “our choice”. We are still shocked at what just happened. We definitely will not EVER return to this location. Neither one of us has ever been so insulted before. We WILL be contacting any and all “hire-up” authority to tell them what happened.

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