Carrie Hall – Mesick, Michigan Michigan


It will be 2 years at the end of this month that I can thank this HOMEWRECKER for having a hand in breaking up my marriage of almost 18 years. She deserves every bad thing that “her night in shining armor” has to dish out to her. My life has gotten so much better once I decided to leave that shi**y town and stop sleeping with my exhusband, and believing all his BS lies. Which, he left me in January, I stopped sleeping with him the following may, so yeah….(he cheated on you too a hole!) But its all good now. The problem here is that she still trys to control every situation possible in my life… as if I had ever done a thing to her. So beware of this one… she is more messed up then most. She is the worst kind of HOMEWRECKER, so if you come across her… proceed with caution… somehow she will manage to trap whoever she is messing with, then hold it all above your head if you do not do what she wants… she makes her men give up their children and be her kids daddy for however long she keeps them around.

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