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Carry kletter law firm Did not let me see the judge to represent my case for pregnancy discrimination San Jose California!!. This layer threatening me that if I go to another layer I will own home money. He told me to keep quiet during the recording deposition .. he said he can’t find evidence with all my paperwork contract and paystub.. the case was supposed to go to trial..he kept me from going..I wanted to agree the the 60,000 settlement over the 162,00 if I win in court..this case was supposed to be state and federal court issue. The company Le grane affire limo company mamde me work while pregnant..I asked for medical and they said work more hours..and they fired me with a last minute contract no other driver wanted to take and I agreed to take for my pregnancy need of medical..I was 5 months pregnant.. I still picked up passengers and carry luggage to the limo in the airport and drive and I never had a schedule lunch break

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