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Complaint: Cars and Credit auto dealership;sold me a 2006 Mitshubishi Outlander with 125,000 miles approximately for 7500 dolllars.I was anxious to get because I had poor credit and was desperate for a vehicle.although it was more money than i wanted to spend they reasurred me that i was getting a vehicle that was safe and reliable.After all it was never in any collisions or in any accidents.So i sighned a contract stating i would pay 87.50 aweek and so i gave them 600 down.about two months after haveing the vehicle my tire blew out on 81north while taking my girlfriend to regular scheduled doctors visit.just before my adams street exit.while returning home after the doctors visit my tire blew out again and i had no spare so i called my girlfriends step-mother and waited about a hour to get spare.then i drove the rest of the way home. when i got home i checked out the car, other than the tires blowing out twice everything seemed fine but didnt have alot of extra money so i decided to buy two tires from the junk yard.i took the car too mckees automotive in cincinnatus where they said it looked as though i should replace the wheel bearings and get a whole rear end only 3-4 thousand i called cars and credit immediately and told them to get ther hunk of s***.After all this my step daughter who works at Arbys in norwich ny stated her friend saw my vehicle upside down in arbys parking lot after a collision and it looked exactly like the car i was driving.come to find out it was

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