Cartrack USA Review


I am former employee who had to file a wage claim against Cartrack after more than 12 months of trying to recover my lawfully owed wages from the Cartrack affiliate in Culver City, Ca. | In a nutshell, Management and HR short-changed me out of my overtime pay. My calls were ignored and I was FORCED to file a claim with the labor commissioner. | The people inside the company for the most part are actually quite nice; but I recommend firing the entire management and HR team—they are not skilled managers and routinely violate employment law. They classified me as a 1099 contractor when I was clearly an employee of the company. | As an account manager, I was not given any qualified leads and was forced to rummage from the DOT database and cold call clients for business. | After my experience, anyone considering doing business with this firm should know they are a foreign corporation based in South Africa and whether I will ever collect one penny of my judgment remains to be seen. I can only wonder how customers are treated if I cant even collect my lawfully owed wages.


Name: Cartrack USA

Country: United States

State: California

City: Culver

Address: 3617 Hayden Avenue, Suite 101

Phone: 800-910-1896


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