lakeview Oregon


Complaint: When my husband and I first used this site, they stated it would only be 2.95. And when they first charged us it was, then i check our bank account today and it charged us 29.95. I got ahold of the company and they could only give me back half my money they took. They explained this as “their terms and conditions””. To say the least we should have seen this coming when the site did not give us info on our vin. I am very irritated that they can take peoples hard earned money with a lie. Then are only willing to give half of it back. Then here is the kicker it will take 7 to 10 bank days to get it back. I am very angry i hope some one puts a stop to this.”

Tags: Auto Advertising Services

Address: Internet United States of America


Phone: 888-613-1485

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