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Complaint: We attended a 1 hour presentation in exchange for a free trip of 2 nights in Orlando and 2 Disney tickets. We followed the instructions on how to redeem the ‘free’ trip. We were told we arrange the trip with the company, and we could travel in 30 days. I assumed we would have to pay taxes, but we also had to send a $100 deposit I was worried about that, especially since they would not take a credit card, only a check or money order (more on this later). The check was cashed. I checked the status on the website which now said we had to select 3 dates, 30 days apart, 90 days from now….. Ok – first off, big problem. This is not what we were told at the presentation. 2. We have to wait 90 days, not 30. This wouldn’t be so bad except that I can’t select a definitive date. 3. Because they want 3 dates, I now understand that we are on a ‘standby’ were they will give us a room only when they have non-booked rooms available. 4. Now I can’t use this trip becuase I can’t take vacation a few days before I’m told that the rooms are available. So its now a useless trip package. 5. I called to get my money back. Of course, they wanted a check so that you couldn’t ‘reverse a charge’ on a credit card when people find out about this crap. They have my 180 dollars and I want it back. 6. I called the 800-315-2065 number, but is is always busy. I can’t get through. This is the same number people use to book a trip. How is anyone supposed to book anything. 7. I am out money on a package I can’t use. They should at least just mail be 2 disney tickets they promised… that would make up for the bullshit. DO NOT SEND CASABLANCA EXPRESS ANY MONEY, EVER!!!

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Address: United States


Phone: 1-800-315-2065

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