Cascades Apartments Phoenix Arizona


Complaint: The place has gone downhill steadily since former manger – husband and wife team – left. The utility portion has tripled in past year – management provides no accounting (it just shows up on your rent bill) – the interior is dated (40 years) – the new tenant mix has gone to crap – crappy people, crappy cars, trash in the halls, noisy partiers, crappy manager (young cute gal that doesn’t have a clue – clearly the lowest bidder for the job). The public facilities are neglected (laundry rooms, trash, toilet in the garage) – the exterior staircases are filthy and spilled drinks are never cleaned up (there are no outside hoses so impossible to clean anything up) – the interior hallway carpets are filthy and stained – the elevator is usually a mess and gets beat up by pissed off tenants moving out – management puts out zero effort to place padding on the interior of the elevators for those moving out – the basement parking is absolutely filthy and is never cleaned. The manager is strictly a 9-5 gal – 5 days a week. If you have a problem – put it on her voice mail and good luck.So why do I stay? The units are large and I’m too lazy to move. Management knows that I am a very long term resident and that it would cost me couple thousand dollars to move. So in a year or so I’ll buy a house or ??? and move then. Meanwhile – prospective tenants should do their homework before they sign a lease – come around on weekends and talk to existing tenants – get the facts before you decide to rent here.

Tags: Family Services

Address: 3550 E Campbell Phoenix, Arizona USA



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