Casey Ballard – Healthy Products Review


I purchased a “healthy products” website from Electric Properties that was advertised online under business to buy under franchise and small business…. Casey or whatever his real name is stated there were four catergories for and online to succed under and circumstances – health products, outdoors, pets and smokers. I did research on his name and company and found nothing to think this was a scam so I choose the smokerstlc website. He did a good job selling/convincing and then dropped off communictaing once I was vested w/ registering the company as LLC etc Cost was $7800. | I did a wire transfer from my bank. Everything was fine and he even communicated with me after the purchase wtih speaking on the phone and via email – not until this week (3/12/2018) that communication has stopped completely – no answered phone calls or email. I started to do more research and foound a scam posting today. He reported himself a “christian, family man” and even sent a picture of himself and someones family. Christmas program. Do not do business with any of these people or these companies!!! I am not in Michagen but will do what i can to report them and hopefully those who where scam can see some justice.


Name: Casey Ballard – Healthy Products

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Grand Haven

Address: 324 Washington Ave, POB 388

Phone: 616-560-7097


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