Casey Hawthorne – Gainesville, Florida Florida


So this little girl decided she was going to mess with my husband! Heck no! I found out real fast cause he’s not good at keeping secrets! Come to find out, she initiated it and gave him some sad story about how she was lonely and had no one because she just moved here away from all of her friends and family. BULLSH*T! This bitch is MARRIED! And her husband lives with her! I would really love nothing more than to let him know about this but I don’t want to hurt him the way I have been hurt. I have also found out that she has been seeing some other guy for about a year now! Lonely bitch, my ass! She conned my husband out of so much money for bullshit! I just want everyone to know about her so they know to watch out. If you see her you better keep your man close!

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