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C is part of a huge scam group! They are also known as,, OSA.ME.UK, Plus many other domains and names they use. The main guy behind it is called Nathan Alan Coombe from Torquay Devon, UK. They also owned a company called PSA HOLDINGS LTD and since closed that company down when they had active court orders suing them through the small claims court. They managed to close the companies down just in time so the courts couldn’t take action. If you research good and well and put the pieces together you will find affiliates, businesses partners, companies have had running’s with the police. Fraud Charges and convictions of fraud. Nathan Coombe also business partners with Jordan James Snell as stated on HMRC website. Jordan 5 counts of fraud! Danny Butlor who Nathan Coombe mentions online has charges for fraud also on eBay and ended up in crown court. is the new name for the time being once they have scammed enough people they will move onto a new domain name. Google has all the answers dating back years! They are professional criminals! Nathan Coombe also spent time in Prison for class A Drugs.. Its all online, All the complaints, News paper articles, Small Claims Court Files, Even photos of these guys outside the police station on social media showing off collecting computers from the CID. All V Dodgy!

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