Cash Advance America Pay Day


I’d been applying for loans for a few weeks when I received a text message from Sr. Loan Officer Mark Wilson and Daniel Gray from Cash Advance. I had been pre-approved for a $5000 loan and wanted me to contact him at 305-831-1690 or his email [email protected] So I emailed him and he contacted me back and then verified my information to pull up my account and then told me my terms and sent the loan approval letter then called me to further discuss the loan. Then said with my low credit score that the underwriters needed me to show good faith before the loan could be finalized. He then proceeded to tell me that he would deposit funds in the amounts of $3,400 total in my account and once the bank released it that I needed to return it either by western union which would cost fees for me or just buy gift cards and once they received and verified everything then he would be able to finalize the loan and deposit it. I was hesitant at first but he reassured me and really got me to believe what he was telling me and that they was a legitimate company registered with BBB. So once I seen my bank granted the funds in my account i didn’t think anything was wrong then so I did what he said and got gift cards. He then told me once he verified everything he would call me to let me know that the loan would be deposited. Well a few hours later he called to apologize that he could not process the loan in my account till Monday since it was the weekend. So I believed what he said. And then said he was actually able to get my loan increased to $8400 instead for the inconvenience and wanted to show he really was wanting to help me with my finances and sent me a new loan agreement with the new amount and terms. Which I was even more thrilled about to help what I was going to do with the money. So finally Monday comes then he calls me to say the loan is pending deposit because the US government had issued a state tax to be paid of $1600 before the loan could be released.That was when I knew something was wrong so I then checked my account and looked at the deposits and seen it was a checks I looked at the images and seen that they was not from them and that they was from my 401K savings company and the account number and routing numbers were from the 401K company. I knew right then that I had just got taken by a scam. So now I am so far in the hole with my bank over $3400 and more now that my other bills were set up to my account for auto pay. I had been a customer with my bank over 7 years and never even had anything returned or bounce or negative in my account till now and I have no idea or clue as to what I can do. I will not be able to come up with all that money. I am so upset and will probably lose everything I have. I am a single mother trying to raise my kids and work very hard for what I do have to only lose it now to someone like this. How do they get away with it and continue to do it. I don’t understand how they can sleep at night.

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