Cash Advance USa La Mirada California Review


Recieved a call that asked if I would like a personal loan and I am on Disability and do really need money hence, I was asked for all personal idenity information including S.S #, Driver’s Lic. #, Bank account routing number and account number. After that they request on several different calls to buy ITunes cards for verification of intention to pay. Serveral cards were purchased for 50.00. After that I was told I was approved for a loan for 2200.00 and was given a reference number to go to a western union to recieve funds. Five minutes later received a call requesting another card to be purchased for 100.00 for Insurance purpose. Now my bank has closed my account and even though I have money in my account they are closing it for reasons I was not given and funds will not be released (they could not give me any time frame to receive money I do have in the bank account that is now closed by the bank). Intially was contacted several times by diffent people at phone number: 312-248-9082 and after I demanded to have my money I gave to them returned the phone number does not work. After looking at this site I found a phone number for them with another name and the person that answer confirmed his name was Seth (which was the person I spoke with multiple times) that phone number is: 312-450-7313. This person claimed after I again said who I was and he acknowledged knowing me – then me asking to have my money returned again based on all the ITunes purchases that I had given his response was “we never ask for ITunes cards”” and “”I have no record of you. Wow

what can I do now? I am a complete idiot falling for this scam. Just because of desperation of needing money I did this. Would really like to know whom to contact to take these people “”down”” and not make another person so miserable and victimized.”

Chicago, Illinois USA



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