I went last Friday or Saturday to Cash Plus, Toledo, OH after speaking with a lady named Devin on the phone that told me she would cash my check from New Albany Industries for $7897.00. | I had told her I had been to 3 other places, two banks plus Ace Express trying to cash it & they all gave the check back to me. Place 1: My personal bank Glass City Federal Credit Union my Rep had this big smile said she could not cash my check was vague and gave me the check back and told me to basically donate it to the Police Department, however, I need the check and money for myself. I felt my bank did not have enough money to cash it, however, I wanted to deposit a considerable amount of it. | Place 2: Monroe Bank & Trust, Monroe, MI Rep there named Bionca said she felt the check was fraud, however, in my presence she called the Bank the check was drawn from: Tennessee First they said the check was good & to cash it. Instead she said well if it is bad then what? They said there is nothing we can do but they had said it was good. She said since the check had my nickname of Lori on it I would need a different check with my name of Loretta on it. New Albany Industries is a Furniture Company that makes nice Furniture. The letter that came with the check said it is part of my winnings from The Publisher’s Clearinghouse. A year earlier I had won and paid approximately $3,850 Income Taxes and fees I had felt this partially was to reimburse some of those fees and they were trying to make up for me never receiving the other winnings of $28,000,000. My Claims Rep for The Publisher’s told me this check was good and I could do whatever I wanted with it once it was deposited to my Bank I would receive the rest of the winnings of $550,000.00. I also feel the check was good because these Banks kept giving my check back to me & if it was bad they should have told me and kept it. | Place 3: Ace Express, Toledo, OH A large black lady told me she would cash it had me fill out some information seemed to have contacted New Albany Furniture then had me sign the check then she refused to cash it since my nickname of Lori was on the check instead of Loretta she wanted me then to send the check back to New Albany. Instead I contacted Place 4. | Place 4: Cash Plus, Toledo, OH Lady named Devin said she would cash the check after a few calls to confirm it was a good check. I told her the Bank it was drawn from New Tennessee said it was a good check. It was Friday when I got there she coud not reach the New Tennessee Bank or New Albany Industries so she said come back on Monday & I will get it cashed for you. Monday: Devin was not there at Cash Plus so a man named Josh was–I made a mistake and should have waited for Devin. Josh did not want to listen to what I said he just wanted to deny me saying this is a fake check it is not real. I knew it was real and it did not help that the lady at Ace Express had made me sign the check so Josh stole the check from me & I feel that he cashed it and kept the money for himself. He acted as though he called New Albany Industries and spoke to a lady named Sandy. I think instead he called Sandy Miller a woman from Global Energy that previously frauded me of all my paychecks for $80,000 to $88,000 per week from a sales job that I even signed up the Empire State Building—A separate claim will be filed for this. | Sandy Miller previously threatened to have me gang beat up on if I ever do anything about the Global Energy paychecks she frauded me of. Back to my check from New Albany Industries: When Josh refused to give me my check back I was furious because I really needed that money for a trip to Hawaii for my friend’s 80th Birthday in November and I wanted to get a tool I invented with Mikita Tool into production besides the fact that I deserved the check and my Publisher’s winnings not him. I contacted my Rep with The Publisher’s and left a message to stop payment on the check and stop my winnings from going to Cash Plus. Now I cannot reach him and it is 5 days later. I am worried they cashed the check and stole all my winnings. I pray you can help me and get me paid. I am not a greedy or bad person I want my substantial portion that I deserve minus your Attorney fees. I pray God causes you to help me ASAp since my vacation is in November to Hawaii. Thank you Rip OFF Report for your help. God Bless You & Me both and keep us safe!!! Sincerely, Loretta (Lori), Toledo, OH



Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Cincinnati

Address: 4956 Delhi Pike

Phone: 513-221- (2274)


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