Casi White – Hermiston, Oregon Oregon


This woman Casi White will pretend to be your friend so she can weasel her way into your family. Her rouse is the sympathy card making you think she is a victim. She loves to parade herself around as a highly spiritual woman of God. It is a sick and twisted game she plays along with her husband they take pleasure in tearing families apart from the inside. The closer she can get herself to your family the better, as she appears to like a front row seat to the pain and misery she will put you through when she sleeps with your husband. Her targets will be anyone! The thing that attracts her most is a married person. Most of the time she will go after a man but she will go after women also. She will make you feel like you can confide anything to her. She tricks people into a false sense of security and uses the weaknesses you divulged to her to drive in her wedge. Her end game is to watch a family crumble. ‘Friends’ of this woman beware! You won’t meet a sweeter snake!

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