Cassandana Juckett – Goldsboro, North Carolina North Carolina


Let me tell you the story of the Homewrecking Hoe, Cassandana Juckett from Goldsboro,NC. My husband meet her at work at Walmart on Spence. He befriended her telling me all about her life, how bad she had it. Made me feel sorry for her because she had been in the Air Force and supposedly suffered from PTSD. I have a son in the Air Force and a son in law that was in the Army that had served in the war in Afghanistan. I felt bad for her because she did not have any friends. My bad, the whole time she is playing on his feelings. I had her over to my house on several occasions, cook for her, tried to be a friend to her, even let her stay over night because she still lived at home with Mom and Dad. Really a 30 something year old women leaving with their parents is ridiculous. December 16, 2016, she had bought tickets for all of us to see Star Wars Rogue One. I got up that Friday morning went to work, worked a full day while her and my husband that had worked overnight where at their houses asleep. I get home around 6 pm start getting ready. Me and my husband leave the house around 7:30 to go pick her up and go to the movies. We leave the movies around 11:30. When we get home they start drinking and are going to watch some more movies. I did not think anything of it they had done that on several occasions, being the work schedule they were on and my rule that if you drank at my house you did not leave. So I go to bed in the room right next to where they are watching TV because I have been up since 4:30 the morning before. I trusted my husband with everything I had in me. I love my husband with everything I had. Little did I know that at 5:30 in the morning when I get up to go to the bathroom that I would catch them in the bathroom. There is absolutely no excuse for the destruction they caused in not only my life that morning but in that of our Families. After he took her home we argued and I told him we needed some time to think about what we wanted in life. At that time I had not given up hope that we could somehow work it out. I left to do some thinking I was going to stay with my daughter for a day or two so we would both have time to think. But not 12 hrs after I left my house she was back. Needless to say that I can not forgive that. She not only destroyed my marriage, we had been together for 10 yrs, but she has caused him not only to lose the love and respect of my kids, and grandkids. My daughter was pregnant at the time with our second grandson that he has never meet because of her. My other grandson he has only meet once and will never see again. It takes a low life hoe to try to take something that doesn’t belong to her. And if that doesn’t show you what kind of hoe she is her own mother had not been out of the hospital a week from having surgery and she was seducing my husband instead of being home helping look after her own mother. She may think she has what she wants but I guarantee that Karma is a bitch and it will come back and bite both of them. I am a strong independent women that doesn’t need to defend myself because all I did was love my husband and feel sorry for a slut. There are several things that the law will allow me to do one is to sue her fir alienation of affection and before all is said and done that is what I am going to do, because she is not worth jail time. But I do believe she need so pay. You and my husband may have shattered my heart but I am a strong women and am putting myself back together everyday. I will be a better person because you haven’t beaten me. Know that Cassandana you will never be the women I am, and eventually he will blame you for losing everything. Remember the devil has to pay his dues and your time will come.

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