Cassandra Hunter – Seville, Ohio Ohio


Please be on the alert for this woman! Her name is Cassie! I just recently found out she has been having sex with many men includeing my husband! She frequently visits hotels with married men in the Akron area by the walmart at Arlington Rd. I recently found out that she had a brief affair with my husband! He came clean after he found out she had given him herpes! This woman is a walking s.t.d.! Luckily, I found out before it was too late. I had suspisions that something was going on, and I am greatful that I followed my gut and didnt sleep with my husband or else I would have ended up with a permanent disease. I am in the process of divorceing my husband. I have a 2 year old boy that I need to focus on. This is a horrible situation, and I pray for all the men that she has not only given a s.t.d. to, but also for the women and childrens lives that she may have ruined. Please be cautious of this woman in the Akron, Barberton, Seville ohio surroundings!

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