Cassandra Pangburn – Salem, Oregon Oregon


Recently my new husband came out about a porn addiction. As part of this process I refused to stay married to him unless he entered treatment and came completely clean. I found out during the entire first year of our dating relationship he was secretly sexting this person behind my back. She knew he had a girlfriend and according to him repeatedly tried to get him to leave me. She also had a boyfriend for part of this time. We had activities in common and she would be so nicey-nice to my face. When I found out about this and he wrote an email telling her off, as did I, she told me she was going to file charges against ME for stalking which would obviously be a false police report. Instead of hiding under a rock or apologizing she had the nerve to threaten me after knowingly participating in his betrayal stabbing a fellow woman in the back. While he is for sure facing his consequences, I can’t believe this person has the audacity to threaten somebody she victimized for a year. The joke is on her because he picked unattractive, desperate women because they would keep his secrets and do this with a handful of women he considered “not real dating material” at the same time.

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