Cassie Feece – Plymount, Indiana Indiana


This little girl, is disgusting. Cassie Feece was aware of of my existence. She knew my boyfriend and I are living together. She also is highly aware, that we are expecting a baby. Does she care? No. She doesn’t. She continues to allow herself to be a slut. Now, it’s not all her fault. My boyfriend has taken responsibility for his mistakes in this. Though he isn’t off the hook, my family is real. Unlike her delusional imagination of a non-existent relationship. I’m disappointed with my boyfriend. However, I’m disgusted with this girl, because what type of self respecting woman would willing go after a taken man? A man with family? Not a woman. A little girl with childish intentions. || What’s even worse, shes a care taken for someone else’s children. I hate to think how she’s actually caring after children when she’s out here destroying a family. Who knows. She’s probably sleeping with children father. Seeing how she can only go after men in relationships.Cassie is nothing but a little girl. She has allowed herself to go after a man, who lives in another state. Who doesn’t call her. Only texts her. She’s pathetic. To be in a relationship with a man, yet, he doesn’t know her family. She doesn’t know his. There are no dates, there’s no intimacy, no corny song dedications, no surprises, no signs of future. It takes an extremely sad and pathetic little girl to knowingly tear apart a growing family. || It took awhile for me to post about her. I wrote her and confronted about what she was doing, but she doesn’t seem to care. I hope she knows that she’s hurting someone who did nothing to her. One day she will have to answer for her what she’s done. One day. She will be as heartbroken as me. Karma will get you. Karma will kick her in the ass. || The pain she’s caused is real. The family she’s caused pain with is also real. The doubts and fights she’s caused aren’t easily ignored. I hope this girl opens her eyes and realizing she’s destroying real people. She’s playing a dangerous game. One day she’ll f*ck with the wrong woman.

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