Cassie Lowman/Cassie Myers – Grants , Oregon Oregon


Kept her daughter away from her father, my husband, for 13 yrs without so much as 1 message, 1 photo, 1 phone call. Then after a break up with her youngest daughters father she contacted my husband. Actually she had their daughter contact him. Then all of a sudden out of the blue he tells me he’s moved on and wants a divorce, 10 days after he tells me he wants me with him. In the 5 months since he said that he’s belittled me even more, contacted my family and caused so many problems. He tries to twist and turn shit to make me look bad. It’s like he’s trying to make me hate him. I’ve insulted her numerous times but he doesn’t defend her. I’ve told him that she’s using him like he told me she’s done before, he doesn’t deny it. I’ve picked apart her “family pix” and shown him what’s plainly visible, he doesn’t despute it. She says their engaged, he tells me there not together and I have no idea what’s going on. She has sent me disappearing messages on fb where she’s asked me if I’ve ever thought of killing myself. She messages and attacks me and I show him, at first he blames me then when I say it wasn’t he says he’ll get onto her. He’s a bit back and forth. We haven’t seen each other in a yr but he says he’s not in love with me but loves me. He’s told me I was his soulmate, the love of his life, a gift from God, answered prayer but he tossed me out like nothing. The 5 months since he told me he wanted a divorce he’s continued to contact me. Tells me how sorry he is we didn’t work, that he’s so hurt over it all but at the same time won’t meet with me face to face. Won’t go to counseling. Our marriage hasn’t been perfect we’ve had our fair share of issues. We’re both recovering addicts, there have been a few relapses, a couple that we’re both off us, the remainder just him. There’s been violence as a result of the using, cops got involved a few times, he’s been arrested 5 times, 3 of which were because I called, each time except the last I tried to have him taken to behavioral health not jail. I’ve never cooperated with them to prosecute him and even paid a $2,400 retainer for a lawyer despite him being 100% guilty. I know the drugs are the cause of his actions that’s why I chose to defend him. I love him, he’s got his flaws but I was well aware of them and was accepting of them when I chose to marry him. Im not perfect, don’t claim perfection and I have my wrongs in this too. But I don’t deserve infidelity, twice 2 different women, and I don’t deserve to be tossed out. He says it’s cuz I text too much and that I asked every day when he was gonna file. I do text ALOT and I did ask but not until after a month of him consistently telling me he was filing. It took a total of 5 months for him too do what he said he was gonna do repeatedly numerous times weekly, daily. Im broken hearted, hurt, my spirit is crushed. I just want my husband to be the man I KNOW he is not this coward he’s choosing to be.

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