Cassie M. Fredrickson – Valley Springs, California California


This tweaker Cassie M. Fredrickson, slutty, sad excuse of a woman took my boyfriend from me while carrying his child. Once I found out of the affair (from her rubbing it in my face so proudly) it ended. Elvis, scum of earth, wept with sorrow and shame and swore to re-dedicate himself to me and our family. So Cassie being the classy wh*re that she is, harasses me with threats and insults, stalks me, vandalizes my new “family car” and causes so much trouble where I was renting that I had to move. All at 6mo pregnant with my first child. Elvis and I were only able to make it about 7 weeks before I saw her sending nude pics of herself to him and evidence of a continuing affair. I kicked his sorry a$$ out. That unfaithful POS can stay gone now. Those two nasty losers deserve each other.

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