Cassie Michelle – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Cassie Michelle (her name on Facebook) is a HOMEWRECKER. One night I was coming over to my baby daddy’s house so he can see his daughter, and I was surprising a visit… When I pulled up in my baby daddy’s drive way the blinds to where my daughter’s room was was open, and I saw her nasty ass laying in my daughter’s room! When she saw the headlights to my ride at the time she jumped up and was looking out the window laughing, and smirking. I then proceed to confront my daddy daddy outside his home and asked him why there is a nasty looking troll in my daughter’s old room… she started laughing and calling me names from inside the home but wouldn’t come out and be a woman and say anything to my face she had to hide. I messaged her on Facebook asking her if anything was going on and she told me “that they randomly struck up a conversation and my baby daddy needed a roomate so that’s all she was…” I asked when I could meet her because I’m obviously not going to let my daughter around people I don’t know… and she never wanted to meet me and she started talking a bunch of shit. Then a few days went by and my baby daddy invited me and our daughter over and told us she would be away so when we got there she was still in his home and wouldn’t leave until she got drama started. Then after she leaves the home for awhile, we go see my baby daddy and I go in the back room where her nasty roach infested ass was laying and say alot of mine and my daughter’s belongings that we left there in her bags… She is a thief on top of being a skank. If you notice her on Facebook talking to your significant other be aware. She is nothing but drama and she is nasty not to mention ugly.

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