Cassie Whalin – Sheperdsville, Kentucky Kentucky


This woman played an abuse victim to a married man to lure him in, her poor poor me, she signed over her first 2 kids and gets pregnant, not by the married man because he can’t have kids, but he left the 2 he raised for her and pretends this is his baby, she did drugs the entire time while pregnant, running from cps, not because she obviously cares about the baby, she signed over the others , but because she dont want to get in trouble. The true baby daddy had a long term sexual partner that was HIV positive, pretty sure she has to have it along with herpes and hep c, and cheats on the man that left his family with the baby daddy with hiv…being a friend of this man’s first wife, she shouldn’t feel too special because he claimed an infant at birth before and walked away, so maybe she thinks she’s special and he’s never had ano infant before since he can’t have kids, but she’s dead wrong, he has, and poof gone like the wind..when his wife was so devastated over what was going on and had to go to a suicide hospitals she went with this fine fella to her home and stole all kinds of things including stuff for her kids while this woman was in a hospital for suicide, and if I heard correctly , before this happened and the wife knew her, and this homewreckers and her boyfriend and kids had no where to go, she opened her home upage to them and the whore stole from her. maybe she thinks that all the woman he’s been withe and cheated on she will be that special one, sorry, you’ve been played over and over and you worry he will cheat on you , sucks having someone fuck with your relationship doesn’t it…she’s a drug addict, thief, homewrecking, cheating whore, stay far far away, I’m sorry for her when karma finally catches up…hoping he goes back to where he should be, he doesn’t have much ethics obviously himself, but I hope the wife is smart enough to say hello no…long time from of first wife, baby daddy and fake baby daddy, enjoy

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