Castle Hill Motors


Castle Hill Motors owner’s name Ryan car sold without passing inspection, motor seized after 4 days….back story 1st was sold truck, motor quit, it had a tool left in motor Lewisville Texas!!. Bought car Dodge Magnum found out it has not passed inspection. The motor seized up after only 4 days without warning, that’s when we started looking further and found out about inspection. Bought a Dodge Ram 1500 1st, it ran for about 6 or 7 weeks, started having trouble with motor, it quit working all together. Discovered a tool had been left in it. The car lot evetually tranfered all money towards the Dodge Magnum. It seems like we have been sold 2 cars in a row that have turned out to be crap. The lot will not take our calls in order to come and get it. I am disabled and wheelchair bound, feel I am being taken advantage of. Seeking refund of down payment of $2050. Gwen Fort Worth, Tx

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