Castlepay Review


Alert to everyone out in the internet world. Do not get caught up in what seems like a quick fix for an easy loan. They take your bank information and start withdrawing money from your account before the due date which then creates an overdraft in your account because I had not transferred the necessary funding. I had a conversation with Note one dime had gone toward the balance even though they had taken well over $1800.00 on a $1000.00 loan. I asked them to please send me the break down of the loan and they refused so I had to actually close my bank account so they couldn’t touch any more money. Look I don’t mind paying for what is right and for what I’ve agreed to but when the person you’re talking to doesn’t speak english and has no idea how the numbers game works; well that’s when I have to put my foot down and not give in to their harrassment. Oh so beware, they apparently sold their loans to ARM and the calls have started up again. Do they go to Harrassment training 101…I’m over this! .

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