Castle Rock Bulldogs has just listed a bunch of puppies on their site again. This time they didn”t even bother to say who”s puppies they are, Daivd Yoder, the puppymill guy, or “Wayne”, the other guy. There is no information as to whether they are AKC, mini, standard, how old, who the parents are, nothing at all. Just how much they want. You are buying a pig in a poke if you purchase any of these puppies. Read their contract before you give them any money, their contract only protects them so that they are not responsible for ANYTHING once they have your money. You would not purchase any other large money item that had that kind of contract. You wouldn”t, so WHY would you do that with a living, breathing puppy that you hopefully will have in your family for many years. You and your puppy deserve better than that worthless piece of paper they call a contract. Please consider this before you decide to buy one from them or anyone else for that matter. Please help STOP PUPPY MILLS in Ohio.

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