Catherine Potts – Denver, Colorado Colorado


Catherine Potts was in Plano, Texas training for her job at Raising Cane’s Chicken. She was there for 82 days from Aug-Nov 2016, so who knows how many men she fucked while there. My husband was one of them. This dirt bag is also married and has gone to great lengths to conceal her identity. She gave my husband a fake name and created a email address just for him. She no longer works for Raising Cane’s and that was my only hope of finding her. If anyone recognizes her please let her husband know she’s a cheating skank. She just sent my husband another email in January 2018, attached was a YouTube video about a cheater. She’s obviously proud of what she did, disgusting. She will do it again. She’s worse than low hanging fruit. She’s the fruit that dropped to the ground and rotted. Dumb white trash.

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