Cathy Ezerski – Joilet, Illinois Illinois


This woman net my husband on an adult website for casual sex . They met and had sex in a Wal-Mart parking lot, at a local casino and a hotel . She was aware he was about to get married to me and that we had two small children together . She was also in a relationship with a child by that guy. When my husband ended the affair she found me on fb , joined a local workout group I led , and became friends with me. I had absolutely no idea who she was! We had playdates, sleepovers , and she held mine and my husband’s newborn baby. She also bought me and my baby expensive gifts. The friendship ended on bad terms (not because of the affair which I didn’t know about). Now she is married to the guy she was with at the time of the affair and he doesn’t believe it happened! This woman is a sick! Be careful where you send your husband to the dentist she works for one.

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