Catia Heinz – Crestview, Florida Florida


Catia Heinz worked as a dispatcher in Law Enforcement, the same agency my husband worked for. My husband, not an innocent party either, decided to communicate with her through 200 plus texts of which I questioned him about. He claimed it was innocent. I called her the next day, told her who I was, and advised her that she needed to end whatever she thought was going on.. she stated there was not anything to it. However, the next day through their computer assisted dispatch computer, they had conversations about her trying to be genuine, but they set up a different method of contact so I couldn’t trace their contact. || She referred to making pancakes for him… he told her they should just do it and not talk about it….My husband has obviously lied and come to find out he wasn’t the keenest on computer clean up. I was able to locate her address in his google maps. After a full investigation through the Sheriff’s Office, it was revealed they had sexual contact in 2015 after my phone call to her, and I’m sure it continued throughout the year, as I found her on his friend lists on social media….I caught him contacting her to get their stories straight as well…. he admitted to having sex with her in 2016…. I know that means while I was away on the family vacation (he chose not to go on) during the night of my birthday, I couldn’t reach him until 2 am…. he was with her too…. After this story came out in their department, they both quit their jobs (while under an internal investigation). She apparently has done this to other married families….. shame on her for involving herself with married men…. this is a true definition of a home wrecker!

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