Cayla McCathern – Anadarko, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This is Cayla McCathern from Anadarko, Ok. A textbook definition of a Homewrecker Whore. Knowingly goes after taken men with no remorse. She is selfish, she has no morals, absolutely no self respect. She has had an ongoing sexual relationship with my girlfriends husband. This woman is a disgrace and her actions have now ruined a couple who deeply loved each other. Id like to warn men, especially those with money, to be careful as shell suck your wallet dry to feed her METH addiction. She continuously dates and sleeps with multiple men without the others knowing, and has multiple felonies and a criminal record a mile long. Shes extremely good at telling you what you want to hear so she can gain your trust, and then use what you tell her to reel you in even further.

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