CBR tech solutions newark Delaware


Complaint: After opening a video on the internet I got a pop up saying there was malicious spyware on my computer. another pop up had the number of CBR tech solutions on it. When I called they wanted to remotely remove the spyware from my computer. When I questioned why their phone number came on the pop up, the so called technition got agitated, telling me he had other computers to work on and if I didn’t pay thye $199 for an year, $299 for 2 years or $399 for a lifetime of survice he could not help me. Repeated attempts to get the pop up’s off the computer failed. Luckily when I turned off the computer and rebuted a few times it was gone. (While typing this CBR called me 4 times from phone number 1-855-779-4007 and told me how they could fix my computer. I told him their business was a F*king scam, he wanted to reasure me they were not when I interupted him and told him to shut up and called him a Fu#king theif. I had other choice words for him when he called the other 3 times.) DO NOT call the number on then pop up rather call microsoft tech support if shutting down (reboot doesn’t work) doesn’t remove the pop up’s by itself.

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.cbrtechsolutions.com/

Phone: 1-855-875-8004

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