CD WAREHOUSE Lincoln Nebraska Review


I went to the cd warehouse to purchase a phone. They charged me $200 for a Droid that was previously flashed, it didn’t include a SD card or a USB cord, it came with a cheap charger.When I bought the phone the internet didn’t work and the phone wasn’t cleaned out either, so I called them and they told me they could try to fix it but it would take up to 3 hours to fix. I then took my phone in and when i went back to pick my phone up the guy told me that he didn’t know how to flash the phone so I should take it to Gadget Bucket and Adam would pay them to flash it because he didn’t know how.I went to the Gadget Bucket to get my phone flashed and told Jerry what Adam told me, that he would pay for the flash. Jerry at the Gadget Bucket printed me a receipt to bring to the cd warehouse.When i went into the cd warehouse Adam was gone so the guy at the front of the store took my number, and i told him that Adam told me he would pay for my flash since it wasn’t right the first time. The guy at the front was rude and chuckled in my face.They have not called me back or paid Gadget Bucket for fixing my phone.

5141 O St Lincoln, Nebraska United States of America


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