The website offers a service to refinish scratched cds. I paid $34.95 for a 25 disc plan to fix 25 video games. I sent them 10 games and I didn’t receive them back or hear for them. Then their website shutdown. So I got really nervous and sent them many emails and called them without ever getting a response. Finally, two or three months later, they showed up in the mail and customer support responded with a email that said they were really sorry and a flood or a storm of somesort was to blame for the issue. Yeah, okay. Sure. Then, I request to fulfill the rest of my order with no once again no response from them. Months go by again without hearing from them. Then I get an email saying they were sorry for the issues. I asked for a refund because they would not do they job they were asked to do. They told me sure. Weeks went by and no refund has been received. I think this website is just going to rip me off. I’m posting this complain for anyone who may be interested in the refinishing services offered. Beware! I’m pretty sure this website or company is just a guy running it out of his house because the address is residential.

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