Cecelia Leslie – Crawfordsville, Indiana Indiana


This girl (not even mature enough to be considered a woman) hops home to home with her kid and will do or say whatever she can to get into that next mans bed. She doesn’t care how many lives or families she ruins. She has no means of stopping until she has pushed her way through relationships (she will go as far as involving the mans family members). She will show up to your home naked after being rejected by a man, she will mass send nudes to whatever guy will have her first, and she won’t kick you to the side until she already has someone new. So to all men and women out there, single or taken, BEWARE! If you’re single, keep you dignity. If you’re a taken man, stay with what you’ve got because nothing is worse than her. And women, if your man cheats with her, don’t go near him after, just walk away with your pride and stay beautiful!!

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