Cecil Atkission Motors Bertram Texas


Complaint: Where can I begin… Honestly, until now, I have actually been well treated at other Chrysler dealers throughout the country, especially those in the larger DFW type metro areas. Recently, I moved to Portray, TX (pop.3,500+) and decided to get my 2007 PT Cruiser serviced at Cecil Atkiisson Motors in Burnet, TX. That’s when my problems began. First off, let me explain that several of my best friends are certified auto mechanics that own their own shops in the Austin, TX area. My wife has been a service writer for them for over 8 years … and she KNOWS cars. I went to the dealership and asked them to install a new TPS switch. I have an extended bumper to bumper warrenty and asked them to tell me what I owed after my $100 deductable. The service writer said that it would be approximately $125, but he would call to confirm. Several hours later, he gave me the news that I HAD to have new brakes as they were metal on metal, my transmission MUST receive immediate service, and a general tune-up was also needed. He said that he also found a different code (other than the TPS code) and needed to deal with it. I agreed to a new TPS and as a kindness, a transmission service even though I could get it done elsewhare for less than the $184 they charged me. When I picked it up, I was told that I DIDN’T need a TPS switch and that they used $24 worth of cleaner and $100 worth of labor. Problem fixed. I asked to speak with the mechanic and he had “left for the dayt””. On my 20 mile drive home

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Address: NOTHING changed. The TPS is faulty and needs to be changed. Check Engine Light is back on. I tried several days to see if it got better … and of course it didn’t! So

Website: cheated and stolen from! As an aside

Phone: I called the General Manager (who I had met while in the service bay) and explained this all to him. He appologized and said that he would check into this and promised he would fix everythig and get back to me by the end of the day. It is now 2 weeks later and NOTHING! I tried to call and his receptionist said that he was out and didn’t know when he might be back. So

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