celebration suites Sharon Massachusetts Review


I booked this on name your own price with PRICELINE, Used to be a customerof theirs, no more after this experience and their attitude. The hotel sayswell you paid for these rooms but now the price you paid for is not enough andyou have to pay for almost everything else plus they charge a huge resort feeand they are not a resort. The bathroom has a toilet plunger in it. I found outthe reason why you have to be a plumber to get it to work. The carpet is oldand dirty, It is not a hotel, but a multi-buildings 2 story motel and PRICELINEcalled it 2 star, I wouldn’t give it a 1/2 star. some of the lights did notwork, housekeeping what was that, one day got 1/2 the towels, didn’t take thedirty ones. They gave me a credit for the day they did not even come. I wasthere for 7 days and let me tell you it wasn’t fun. Need ice you will not haveto worry about exercise, same complex but not the same building. Their exerciseroom has 3 pieces of equipment and you must get a pass each and every time fora limited time. The business center does have free internet if you bring yourown laptop but you have to get a pass to use it. If not you pay per the minuteand the service is slow. You have to go to their business center to use yourlaptop or pay dearly in your room. Continental Breakfast is additional so weate across the street. For the few soaps we did receive in 7 days I wassurprised that we were not charged extra. The steel fixtures are old, rusty andPRICELINE lost a customer for this “not a chain”” hotel. They wouldn’tstand behind their service and I wouldn’t deal with a company like that again.”

5820 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, Florida United States of America


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