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My Husband and I wanted to treat some close friends to a vacation with us. We received a flyer from my cousin’s doctors office that she worked at. It sounded wonderful and my husband was excited something nice for our friends. Little did we know that it was too good to be true. We sent the first two intial payments that equaled to$414 . Ok, No problem. Than they ask for $600.00. My husband thought that since we are getting a great deal , that we are still getting these vacations for a great price. Later on, they asked for two more payments! Currently have already gotten over a thousand dollar for two couples that was intially promised at $200. We called and asked for a refund , in return they asked us to write an letter to a manager Mike Gonzalez because he was the only one authorized to give us a refund. Orginal address was in Virginia, this letter was going to 5380 west 34th suite 164, houston, tx 77092. No reply. We’ve made appointment to speak with him, and he’s never in office or in a meeting. Giving us the run around. We have spoke mostly with a Ed Roberts on the phone . On april 15, it will be a year we have been fighting with them. Its fraud , and unlawfully what they are doing. My husband is a good person who wanted to treat his friends for nice vacation and he got scamed. This business should be closed down Targeting honest hard working people. We need the money desperately, back. Help anyone, please.

PO Box 1935 WoodbridgE, Virginia United States of America


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