Cell City Review


You can’t do business with liars and cheats. That was exactly my experience in dealing with DAVOR JERKOVIC, Owner of Cell city located at 1482 S Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33764. Phone number [protected]. I bought a video camera for my car that didn’t work. Brought it back, when I asked to speak to the owner, the girl said he wasn’t there and she was by herself. She couldn’t get the camera working so I asked for my money back. She said sorry no refunds. I asked for JERKOVIC’S cell phone, she said she didn’t have it. When I started to complain, JERK-OVIC, which is a perfect name for him, came out from the back of the store with his JERK-OVIC brother and Violently told me to Get the F- – – out of the store old man. He wouldn’t fix the camera or even look at it and wouldn’t refund my money. He also kept the 64 gig storage card I bought. I will be reporting him to the police for fraud. Not only is he a fraud he’s also a liar and cheat, and made his store clerk lie for him as well. It’s all on video since he told me he was watching me from the back. It begs the question why would they make their woman clerk lie and tell me they weren’t there since I called them just before I went to take the camera to them to show them it wasn’t working. What does that tell you about their business ethics? I have to a believe that I was not the first one this has happened to Also what does it tell you when they said to get the F- – – out of my store old man. Yes, I’m a senior citizen, but that’s no way to treat anyone. Date of the transaction was May 18, 2019, receipt transaction no is 1033480. The total purchase was 64.00 and included a small video camera for my car which did not work. It’s all on video because he told me he was watching me in the back. So why were the JERKVOIC Brothers hiding in the back of the store and not in the front helping to resolve the problem? The woman clerk was alone and there were a number of customers in the store and one was another senior who was complaining about the service as well. Rob Franklin

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