CELLUFUN New Rochelle New York Review


my catwoman avatar on cellufun was ruthlessly hacked into. pepetrator stole all my fun coins which were over $50 worth. not only that but he disrobed my avatar almost completely and tried to give me a bad name on my home page stating im two other players which is a lie. He proceeded to delete all my groups, delete all my mobile pets and block all my friends on my list. i have been on there since 2007 up until now. houseoflibra is responsible. i called cellufun several times as well as email them they are doing absolutely nothing about my problem with this player nor are they resetting my password as they only believe the last email address they see, in this instance that thief. i wouldnt mind so much but i have gone through thousands of dollars on that site and sadly it appears that cellufun could care less about its players. feel free to check out catwomans hacked account if u can gain access to that fraulent site. they are also allowing this perpetrator to continue to lie about me stating: “good bye CUF”” which i had no intentions of doing. i had no intentions of leaving that site at that time but now because they could careless i am no longer returning to cellufun. houseoflibra needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for stealing my hard-earned money and cellufun needs to b held responsible for what they have done to me :(”

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