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Stopped at a local Cenex to fill up; put my credit card in, inserted the nozzle in the tank, and when I began fueling, the pump began spraying me with gasoline–the hose was unattached from the top of the pump. There was no “out of order” notice of any kind. The gas kept spraying until I pulled the nozzle from my tank. I went into the store to tell the staff–I explained to the girl behind the counter what happened, expecting an apology or for her to ask if I was OK. Instead, I was told in a snotty voice, “Yeah, it did that because it”s broken.” I suggested a sign might be in order, so customers didn”t leave the store covered in gasoline. I left. This occurred on July 28th at the Cenex store at 1421 Pines Rd. In Spokane Valley, WA, 99206. The clerk was young, heavy set, with straight light brown hair. I would appreciate an apology, at minimum, and although it”s not my problem, for the pump to be repaired and for someone to explain to the clerk some basic facts about gasoline safety and customer courtesy. Until these idiots fix that pump, it”s a safety hazard.

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