Central Florida Chrysler Jeep Dodge Complaint


Dealership does not honor advertised prices, very dishonest, rude, won’t give financing paperwork to customer and won’t even call back to let people know the status if the vehicle is financed or not. My mother went to this dealership for a newer vehicle. First they did not honor the internet price even after I sent her in with a copy of the ad I printed online. They over inflate the pricing of vehicles. Internet special was $8998 with cash or trade of $3000. Sale price on contract listed $18, 000 w/ $3500 for trade, after ad they valued her trade at $500. She specifically stated she needs her payment in the low $200 range. When they could not get her payments where she needed them, she wanted to check her other options her bank and credit union for a lower interest rate. They advised her to take the vehicle and get back to them on Monday and just bring them a check for the vehicle. A bank will only approve financing for 125% over NADA, they have this at 144%. She can not get her vehicle back and return this one they say no cooling off period in FL only way to cancel is if they cannot get her financed and they can get her financed. I suggested she put it on her home equity line and pull money off a CD to avoid all the extra fees they tacked on. they will not allow her to cancel the warranty which is listed as 3 separate charges totaling about $3000 to make it more affordable, or even give her paperwork on this so called warranty. THey also will not give her the finance paperwork, she needs to get a check from her bank to pay off this vehicle she can not back out of and they won’t even call her to tell her who it is financed through or if it even is, or who to make the check payable to. They won’t talk to me due to privacy laws and they fact I am not someone who is so easily taken advantage of. I though she could cancel a loan if we are paying cash, she does not need to pay the dealership for a vehicle and then still be obligated to pay back a loan also…No one will return calls or advise where the vehicle is financed or if they really do have it financed. Please help, we don’t know where else to turn. we believe there is a time limit and they are stalling to make sure it is exceeded. Her e-mail is listed first, I am her daughter mine is listed second.

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