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We purchased a biennial partial week at Planet Hollywood Towers while on a trip to Las Vegas in June 2009 for use starting in 2010. We were told at the time of purchase (and have the paperwork that we signed stating so) that partial weeks at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas could be deposited with Westgate Resorts, who in turn, would deposit a full week into Interval International for resorts around the US and internationally. When I called to deposit our partial week for later use since we didn’t want to go to Las Vegas this year, I was told by a Westgate representative (Maria) that partial weeks could not be exchanged for full weeks through Interval International. After digging out the paperwork, I called back again and spoke to another rep (Jessica) who had me fax the paperwork stating that the partial week could be exchanged for a full week with Interval International. I called back after faxing the paperwork and spoke to a third rep who then told me that she had gone over the paperwork with her supervisor, and they would honor the exchange for this one time only. I told her that nowhere on the paperwork or in the sales presentation were we told that the exchange for Interval International is available for only one time. That means for the rest of all the years that we own our timeshare, we are limited to exchanging our partial week to the only 20 or so resorts within the Westgate Properties which are in locations that we have no interest in going!! I asked to speak to her supervisor (Ingrid) who was on another call. The rep said that Ingrid would call me back today. So far, there has been no call which is not a surprise. This is a good bait and switch scheme. Even with paperwork, Westgate won’t honor what they have printed! We want Westgate to refund our money and resell the timeshare to someone who wants to go to Las Vegas all the time (or only to their other 20 properties–for a fee)

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