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Central Transport Denied Claim With Bogus Reason I have Recorded Proof- Blatant Lie Bath Pennsylvania!!. Absolutely the worst company. Save yourself a headache and money. I made the mistake and picked this company from uship’s website because the were the cheapest. First, the driver did not even have a pallet jack on the truck to move the product being delivered. I loaded the pallet onto their truck with my forklift. I asked the driver to move the pallet closer to the cab of the truck because I noticed the truck was empty all the way to the back. He told me he did not have a pallet jack to move it. When the delivery arrived, I was immediately notified by the customer the 7 cases of the product were missing. I contacted the Central Transport right away to let them know. The said it would take up to 10 business days to locate the product and if they do not locate it I can file a claim. I patiently waited but did not receive a call back after waiting the 10 business days. I called a rep and they pointed me to the claim form on a website. I filled out the claim form and submitted all the required docs including my cost of the products from my vendor. The total claim amount was $188. I received a letter in the mail about 2 weeks later saying the claim was denied because they were not notified within 5 days from the delivery date. That was such a blatant lie as I have all the calls recorded including the one to their company immediately after my customer called me to let me know of the missing products. I basically lost about $300 between the cases that were lost and the additional shipping costs to send the missing cases. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more shipping with a reputable shipping company. Uship should also be ashamed promoting a company like this on their website to ship with. I will be contacting them shortly to let them know my experience with this shipper.

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