Central Valley Broadband LLC Reviews & Complaints


Agree with the other poster. This is the first time I”ve ever logged a complaint on the internet. Avoid this company at all costs. Do not do business with this company. I”ve been phoning in complaints since the service was installed almost a year ago. I”ve never been screamed at but was told recently my lousy connectivity could not be improved for the foreseeable future and that I could have them come out and remove their equipment. Seems they are happy to get the $200 install fee and call it a day. If a company”s niche is rural internet, why can”t it get it right? Should a company”s response to poor service be, “We can come get our equipment if you want.” Very sad. I had Hughes.net for years, and for all of their restrictions and limitations I wish I still had satellite internet. If they improve I will remove this post, but this company is awful and I believe fraudulent in what they say they can deliver. Please, if you area CVB subscriber and are receiving similar treatment, help everyone else and file a public complaint.

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