Century Enterprises New Port Richey Florida


Complaint: I answer a job ads on Careers Builder web site. The job was to receive packages at my home and go to their web site and get a new prepay packing lable to send the package to person on the packing label.. For this I was going to be paid the first 30 days $2,650.00 plus $25.00 for each box that I send. After the first month my salary would increase to $3,300.00 per month plus $25.00 bonus for each package send. I receive and send out 6 packages the first month. I went to their web site to request my salary and bonus of $2,000.00 I got 2 more packages but when I went to their web site it is not there. I call the phone number I had for sevices but it disconnected. I could not fin them and they didn’t pay me any thing. I check on some other web site about scams on the internet and found this information. They are using stolen credit card numbers to purchase goods and setting up the reshipping process so they can’t be tracked. The people who reship for them are trading and handling stolen goods and they will hold this over you.

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Address: N/A Crockett, California United States

Website: mn-pa.com/

Phone: 1(631)731-1836,1(510) 455

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