Century Timeshare Group LLC Complaint


Company told me they had a buyer but have never closed on the sale and now have said they have to remarket it to find a back up buyer. I had told them I would not give them money up front to market this time share but they stated they had a buyer. I never got it in writing that they did but I do have an audio statement by them that says they have a buyer. they have never closed and now felt that they had to remarket it so tind the back up. This has now been six months and have now been paying 5 months interest on what I borrowed to send them which was to cover the closing cost and would be returned at closing. I can no longer believe that closing will ever come and would like to get my money back. I believe that this is a faiure to perform as promised and do not believe that they have any proof that they have acutually had a buyer or were telling the truth all along. I have audio recording of conversations and 12 pages of paperwork which I sent to them detailing my concern and desire to see this closed or refunded. I no longer believe they will ever close and if I leave this alone and do nothing they will continue to do this to others as well. My credit card company has now told me that it has been to long and they can not do anything about this to refund the money. the company has strung me along long enough for this time to pass. If the company is real then let them do what they said in the first place and if not they ought to refund the money. I can send what I have ir it will help. Sales calls came in Jan. 2010 and I signed the contract they sent on 29 Jan. 2010 but they changed the contract amount after I had signed it and sent it back. That is the only things I signed with them. they had one reason after another why this had not closed and finally said that they had to put it back on the market to find a back up buyer. I no longer believe a word they say.

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