Certified Benz & Beemer Review


In March 2016, I purchased a 2010 Mercedes S550 from Certified Benz & Beemer. Immediately after I purchased the car, the brakes started sqeaking. Took the car in the first week and the brakes had to be replaced. CBB covered the brakes but only after four days, several emails, and over 25 phones calls to their dealership. There was also a leak from the VSP pump and Bluetooth error discovered-both the Owner, Jack Scneider refused to pay. Please note this was during the first 15 days of purchase. | Then in May, I had to get the oil & filters changed. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but Certified Benz & Beemer reported on the Carfax Report that this work had been done prior to sale. | In July, I experienced another major issue, the car wouldn’t start. My initial thought was the battery but that wasn’t the issue. It’s also worth noting, that when we attempted to jump the car, the battery was old. It hadn’t been changed as reported by Certified Benz & Beemer. Forced to get the car towed back to the repair shop, the starter needed to be replaced. I contacted Certified Benz & Beemer, spoke with Jack and he was no help. | This month in August, while I was driving the car, the Airmatic sign came up and the car shifted. To make matters worse, It became clear the car had been in a major accident. After getting the car towed and then detailed the shoddy body work became clear. Front end & quarter panel damage is probaly the catalyst of the excessive repairs. This is not my first S550 and the car only has a little over 60K miles, so I’m quite famaliar with the repair timeframes. | Immediately, I called the Certified Benz & Beemer again, I couldn’t believe the amount repairs required to the vehicle. I spoke with the Owner, Jack Schneider, and informed him of the costly repairs along with the fact I now knew of the damages to the car. He “assured” me that his team had done excessive work prior to the sell however their recommended repair service location that I’m now a regualar at disputed that. Certified Benz & Beemer falsified their repair reports and falsely reported repair services to Carfax. At the beginning of our conversation, Jack was adamant that the car hadn’t been in an accident. By the conversation end he offered to send me a copy of the body work (which I never received). The car has had major bodywork done and its clear that he was aware though he failed to disclosed. | If you’re thinking of purchasing a car from Certified Benz & Beemer (CBB) run…If you read similar reviews you find that the complaints are essentially the same, the car is a lemon and they CBB refuses to acknowledge and pay for it. If you must by, request a detailed repair report and take it to a third party or you will be sorry!


Name: Certified Benz & Beemer

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Scottsdale

Address: 6725 E McDowell Rd

Phone: (888) 553-7071

Website: buycbb.com

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